Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in the human body and how it works.  Whether it was learning and playing new sports growing up or working as an EMT/Firefighter, I was fascinated by the science behind movement, the body, and how to help people make it work better.

When I graduated from the Fire Academy in 2005 I was on my way, however I always felt like there was more ways to help others.

I won’t bore you with the story of how I got involved with CrossFit in 2008, but that’s when I started to realize a way that I could start to help more and more people, not just in emergency situations; but with coaching people through fitness and nutrition that would allow for a way for me to help more people with other common health issues. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and mental health disorders have been on rise for the last 40 years and I wanted to find a way to gather the pieces together in one spot in effort to help as many people as we could.

The truth is that when I first opened, I look at CrossFit as a way to help people get stronger and lose weight. Pretty simple. And that is still the most common reason for people seeking our services. However, what I was not expecting was the power of a community of like-minded people and the support they would offer one another. Members of all races, educational backgrounds and belief systems would start as strangers and in a matter of days or months become the catalyst for great change.

So, why is your health important to me? Why will I ask you difficult questions when you make excuses for “needing to take a break” or “needing to check my finances first” or my personal favorite, “I don’t have the time”? Why will I question your priorities when most of your friends and family will just keep quiet to avoid the uncomfortable questions?

Before the birth of my first son in 2006, I looked at the world and people much differently.

It’s because I’m selfish. Not selfish in that I want more members in a business. I’m selfish because my kids have about 70-80 years left on this planet. And the healthcare crisis will be one that will continue to bankrupt people and our country. Not just financially speaking. Declines in your health will also steal time from you, and your ability to do what you want on your terms.  Our position puts us on the front line in a health care revolution. In order to leave this place better than when I got here, and in turn, create a better planet for my children, I must help to lead people to better health. We need to be healthier. We need to be happier. And we’ve done that for hundreds of people already. But that’s not enough. That’s why I care.