As CrossFitters we get caught up with the addiction of our intense workouts, but what about moderate to low intensity routines? We show up day after day and hit it hard inside our little box but your physical activity shouldn’t end there. So what do I mean by “low intensity routine”? I’m talking about walking.

It is essential for each one of us to take 10 to 20 minutes each day to walk. Why? Because it’s good for us. There are NO adverse side effects to walking, but the benefits are overwhelming. I personally take two 10 minute walks a day.

Why am I asking you to take time out of your busy schedule to walk? Well, for me I like to step away from my desk at work. It’s mentally beneficial by decreasing stress, helps me refresh and relax so I come back more productive, alleviates tight hip flexors and back muscles associated with sitting, and helps increase my energy levels. There’s also the benefits of raising your heart rate and promoting increased metabolism and fat burning effects.

I also make it a priority to take a walk after dinner. Taking as little as a 10-15 minute walk after eating will help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, promote digestion, and better sleep. It’s also a way for me to disconnect from a long day, leave the electric devices behind, have a good conversation with Cameron, enjoy nature, and some quality time with the pups.

I challenge each of you to make walking a routine in your daily life. It’s good for your brain, body, soul, relationships, and not to mention it’s FREE.

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