“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go
through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger


Suffering is a good thing… Wait what? Yes, think about it. Suffering is when growth happens. If
you learn to love that suffering feeling, I feel you can be unstoppable. If you want something you
must suffer, and if you quit, well then, you didn’t want it enough.

I am talking about when you’re on that set of 15 in Fran and quitting runs through your mind
about 15 times, but you don’t quit, and you shave :20 off your time. When you’re on that 5th
round in a 10-round work out, and you start questioning why you’re doing this, but you come out
on the other side; (maybe a little beat down) and you are stronger.

So, the next time you come in for a work out and it leaves you in pieces on the floor, sit up and
pick out 1 good thing about that work out. Even if it was just one perfect air squat or one perfect
pull up. Think about this in a positive way, and I hope it will change your outlook on the (suck)

Emily Cook

Emily Cook

CrossFit L-1, Healthy Steps Nutrition Coach

Having the opportunity to coach this sport that I love is really amazing. Being able to help someone perfect their squat or just getting their first pull up. If I am able to help or inspire at least one person a day, then its a very good day.

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