Scott was diagnosed with a brain tumor on January 6, 2010. Scott originally went to the doctor for knee pain and instability but while he was there he told the nurse practioner about his headaches that have been increasing in severity and frequency. She ordered a CAT Scan which came back showing a tumor. The next day Scott went in for a MRI, that night the doctor called to tell him that it was in the 4th ventricle of his brain. Based on the location of the tumor the radiologist narrowed it down to 4 possible types. They also think the knee instability was related to the tumor.

Scott underwent surgery February 2, 2010 to remove the brain tumor. After the surgery it was discovered that the tumor type was of a much more aggressive type than originally thought to be. Basically what this meant was Scott would be subject to large amounts of chemotherapy and radiation in order to eradicate any chance of the cancer’s return.

Since his first surgery, Scott has undergone radiation, chemotherapy treatments, multiple surgeries including an insertion of a shunt to drain cerebral fluids, headaches, nausea, balance and strength deficiencies, as well as other lasting effects of the cancer and treatments.

Currently, Scott is undergoing physical therapy in conjunction with CrossFit training at CrossFit Bios to further strengthen and improve motor patterns, balance, coordination, and strength.
We have also started incorporating cognitive puzzles and exercises in conjunction with CrossFit training to help further assist in Scott’s rehabilitation efforts.