One of the many great things CrossFit has done for the fitness industry is to make fitness measurable.  With the element of the timer, we are able to accurately measure workouts.  This allows us to compare results of the same workouts over a time period.  If your time or “score” improves after a workout is repeated, then you are able to say you are “fitter” and back it up with quantifiable measurements.

Benchmark Workouts

Here at Bios, we designate certain workouts as “Benchmark” workouts.  These are workouts that are easily measurable and are repeated every so often.  The time period for repeating these workouts is about 16 weeks to 6 months.  We have our members track and record these workouts every time they complete them in order to have a measuring stick for their current fitness level.  We use tracking software via a simple app so our members can easily record and look up their scores for these benchmark workouts. An example of one our benchmark workouts is:


150 Wall Ball Shots for time

This is a great benchmark because it is easily measurable.  The athlete performs 150 Wall Ball Shots (athlete holds a medicine ball in from of their chest while performing a squat and following up with a toss of the ball to a designated target) as fast as possible.  This is a very challenging workout that tests muscular endurance as well as cardio-respiratory endurance.  When one of our athletes completes this workout more than once, we are able to compare their scores and tell if they are fitter.  We can tell if our program combined with their hard work in the gym has paid off.

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