Let’s all face the facts that growing old is inevitable, right? Well sure, each calendar year adds one more candle to our birthday cakes, but that doesn’t mean you have to act your age. In fact, I say don’t! You can read all the “How To” on looking and staying young forever but it’s really not much of a secret.

I’m not going to jump on my soap box and talk about nutrition and how eating whole foods will help you feel and look younger because there is NO way around the fact that what you eat plays a huge role on how you function. With that said I’m going to jump right into the meat and potatoes of this content.

Enhancing your health with…wait for it…PLAY. Yes! I said “play” like kids do. You remember play, ya? Cause I think I may have forgotten how to. As I sat in my boyfriend’s truck laughing about how he was such a kid playing and roughhousing with our friends and their kids at a pool party earlier in the day, it occurred to me that I may have forgotten how to play. Play is all around us, yet it goes mostly unnoticed and unappreciated. Why do most of us “adults” feel that play is a childish, even guilty, pursuit?

Whatever your reasons might be it’s time to toss those out the window and make more time for play. Laughing, games, fantasy, roughhousing as children is what makes happy and intelligent adults so why not continue into adulthood?

What is play? Anything! Sports, arts and crafts, dancing and singing, playing dress up with your kids, fetch with your favorite furry pal, or even a board game night with friends.

Why is play so important? Here are just a few benefits:

  • Relieves Stress
  • Improvement of brain function
  • Enhances energy and releases endorphins
  • Helps build social relationships
  • Boost productivity
  • Promotes creativity and innovation

Grab your basketball, get your Red Rover stance set, or your coloring book ready cause it’s playtime!