“Pain is the great teacher of mankind. Beneath its breath souls develop.” – Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Injuries and pain suck.   There is no other way of putting it.   All of us at some point have experienced some level of injury or pain.   Some more devastating than others.

When pain strikes, especially, something that is more than just a twinge, our instinct is to back off, and sometimes the fear of injury or pain can be paralyzing to the point of preventing us from participating in activities, even those activities that we love.

Let’s be honest.   Doing CrossFit, or for that matter any physical activity that challenges you, will present you with a list of sore muscles.   The art is distinguishing between “normal” soreness from pushing our bodies out of the comfort zone and warning pain from the body that is saying “hey, be careful injury is imminent”.   Normal muscle soreness typically feels like achy, tight, tired feeling and will affect a larger muscle group rather than a specific spot.   It will start 12-24 hours after a workout and will peak 24-36 hours after the workout.
Injury on the other hand will typically be sharp pain that is concentrated in one area of the body and doesn’t get better after a few days.

Cure for soreness is stretching, foam rolling, and yes, working out.
When it comes to an injury things are not as simple, however, one thing is true: an injury doesn’t mean you have to stop working out.   Many modifications are available, and coaches are always more than happy to come up with alternatives.

Our job as athletes (yes, I did use that word), is to know our bodies and recognize the difference between the “normal” pain (ie you are challenging yourself and pushing your body, and it will be or is sore) vs “warning” pain of an impending or an actual injury.

So, go out there, push yourself and listen to yourself and your body

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