Passion + Belief = Fuel

Passion + Doubt = Self-Sabotage

Mindset is something that can make or break your workout.  When everything is going well it’s pretty easy to push ourselves to achieve more, go beyond our normal comfort level, try new challenges.  However, let’s face it, most of us are not always at the level of “everything is perfect” every day.

So, here is where our mindset comes in.  Life happens.  Stress will happen.  Work will get in the way.  The boss or coworker will upset you.  Child, spouse, significant other will push your buttons.  These are times when it’s easy to either skip a workout or sabotage it.  It’s easy to do negative talk.  We all are so good at it.  You miss a lift – “I’m such a loser”; eat something that is not on your meal plan – “I have no self-control”; Finish workout too fast – “I should have gone heavier”; Didn’t finish workout in cap provided – “I should have gone lighter”, etc.

So, let’s reverse those negative self-responses.  You miss a lift – “I need to focus on my setup”; eat something that is not on your meal plan – “That was a nice small treat that next time I should replace with…”; Finish workout too fast – “Nice to see I have improved so much. Next time this workout comes up I will increase my weight/reps”;  Didn’t finish workout in cap provided – “I really challenged myself today with that weight.”

If you are the kind of a person that gets intimidated by the WOD, don’t look at SugarWOD before coming to the gym.  Show up ready to give it your all.  Some days your all will be different than other days, and that is ok.  No need to put yourself down because one day your all was “smaller” than 5 days ago or yesterday.

Use coaches as your tool.  Ask for feedback, ask for guidance, ask for support.  Ask friends and other members to help you change the negative talk, and in retrospect the mindset.

The mind is a powerful tool that can either move you forward in achieving your goals or hinder your progress.

Mind over Matter

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