1. What do you do with your days outside The Box?

I spend most of my time at the world renowned ( locally ) barbershop, Mike’s Barbershop. I love any opportunity to get outdoors, especially to hunt, fish, hunt, or fish. I love camping with my family, or going to the cabin for a quick get away. Oh yeah, one of my biggest joys is taking my son to Raider games! I enjoy having a good time, as many of you might know, so I am hoping we throw some kind of party in the near future…

2. How did you first find CrossFit Bios?

I didn’t find Bios, Bios found me. Shortly after opening my barbershop, I found myself in the VA Hospital. 30 pounds heavier, my family by my side, and in very poor health. I smoked a half pack a day, and drank A LOT. I had apparently just dropped, hanging out a friends house. It scared me. Then Peter walked in for a haircut……..

3. What was your first or most memorable WOD at CrossFit Bios?

HAAHAAA!!!!! I don’t know if it was my first WOD, but I do remember my first box jump. Peter laid the box on the lowest setting, and confidently told me to swing my arms back, squat, and jump. I was scared. I remember thinking…”my feet haven’t left the ground in a decade, and now you want me to jump way the “f” up there”?!!! He had the faith in me, that I didn’t have……

4. During your time here, what sticks out the most in your mind?

It never ends….I had almost given up on fitness, and figured that I will just work myself to death, till I found CrossFit. I learned in the last Open, I CAN do pull ups! After 2 years, I think I nailed cleans! Double unders are hard for me, but I don’t practice them enough…..BUT I will get better.

I just wanna say to EVERYONE….thank you. Thanks for making me feel at home, and a part of the Bios Family.