1. What brought you to CF? Peter and Natasha advertising at my favorite boutique! j/k Actually I had quit bootcamp after I had my son Jaxon and was looking to get back in shape. My aunt joined crossfit in Davis and raved about it. I was curious and did some research. I was motivated by the results people were seeing and how they couldn’t stop talking about crossfit! I realized crossfit was just what I was looking for….weights, WODS, gymnastics, community.
2. What was your first impression? This is hard! But I wanted to come back. I was so proud I finished my first WOD. And the WOD after that! A year later I am still amazed I finished! And I knew this wasn’t the place I could cheat or walk away or half ass things.
3. What’s been your biggest accomplishment? Probably a pull-up. It seems like a simple movement but I couldn’t do one. I thought of myself as pretty strong but when I challenged my brother and his wife to a pull-up contest I lost big time. They both could do a pull-up and I couldn’t! I didn’t even know I couldn’t. It took me months practicing, moving up in bands before I pulled myself up on my own.
4. What are you working on now? My diet. I have been working on cutting out dairy, grains, sugar, and legumes. The coaches and members have been so supportive and motivating. The great thing about crossfit is that it doesn’t just focus on workouts.
5. What’s your favorite CrossFit Bios memory? Doing the crossfit open. I swore I’d never compete again but it was expected that all crossfit bios members participate in the crossfit open, so I did. It was fun being cheered on by those I knew and those I didn’t and once again I was so proud of myself for completing the five wods.