1. What made you Start CrossFit?
Mark got me into it this time around, but I mostly started because the fittest I ever was in college was when I was doing CrossFit. I push myself harder in CrossFit than in any other type of workout.

2. How has CrossFit changed your life?
I feel like I can do hard things. It also helps me stay in balance in life. Keeping myself fit allows me to balance family, church, and work.

3. What are some of the goals you have?
Goals… hmm… mostly I just want to have a habit of fitness so I am able to maintain mobility and capability my entire life.

4. What is your perfect workout?
Perfect workout is with others where we push each other to work our hardest and we feel like we are getting stronger. That sounds kind of lame, but do you get it? You know, just pumped to be hitting goals and challenging each other.

5. What would you tell somebody just starting out or thinking about starting out?
It’s worth the investment, both financially and physically. You WILL get stronger and feel better. Stick to it.

6. What is your previous fitness background?
Not anything great. I mostly have done endurance sports. I have done 5 Triathlons, off road and Olympic distance. I have done a tough mudder. I enjoy biking, coming from Utah and the Rocky Mountains there are a lot of hills. I also do hiking and snowboarding. I guess I have just enjoyed being outside.

7. What do you like most about CrossFit and what do you like about Bios?
The coaching! So much better to have some guidance. Peter and the other coaches really know how to coach and I appreciate his dedication to his members.

8. What is something that is interesting that people don’t know about you?
I speak Spanish, learned from serving a two-year mission for my Church in Caracas, Venezuela. …I also got removed from there in a middle of the night evacuation due to political problems.

9. What motivates and/or inspires you?
My wife. No way I can keep up with her.

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