Laura Balla is a familiar face around Bios. Walk in to the gym any afternoon and you are sure to see Laura working hard, lifting heavy, practicing skills, and usually joking around and sharing laughs with everyone. If you had to chalk up Laura’s successes in the gym to one trait, it would be consistency.

When Laura first joined Bios, she didn’t seem to be sold on the CrossFit Method. In fact, upon first impression, we weren’t too sure she was going to stick around for too long after her first sessions. At the time, Laura was bouncing around trying out different fitness programs and had come across Bios through a promotion that we were running at the time. After the 2 week promotion offer was over, she informed me that she enjoyed her experience but was interested in trying out some other programs instead. Somehow, that day I was able to convince her and her now sister-in-law to come back for another month. The rest is history…

Laura is now a top athlete at our gym. She participates in local CrossFit competitions on a regular basis as well as the occasional running race. She is a leader in the gym and is always there for her fellow athletes to give a helping hand, a motivational push, and to keep them accountable.

Laura has remarkably transformed over the last couple of years, both in her physical appearance and capabilities, but also her overall mindset on what it truly is to be fit.
She has switched from fitness being only a tool for looking good, to viewing it as a way to improve herself in every possible way.

Here is an excerpt from one of Laura’s FB posts this past year:

“When I first started CrossFit with two of my really good friends I was so discouraged because I struggled to hit this same back squat numbers. It seemed like they hit 200+ pound back squats with such ease and I was struggling to hit 185 for a good year. I HATED squatting. Once I stopped focusing on what they were doing and working on me I started to feel successful. At the beginning of this year I was so thrilled to hit a 3rep of 200lbs. Then today I surprised myself again by 5×5 at 200lbs. With a little determination and great coaching and support on your side there isn’t much you can’t do! Plus I PR’d my push press by 5lbs more than my 1rep Max. Successful day.”