We live busy lives.  Our days are jammed packed with work, kids, making time for friends, shopping for food, cooking, etc.  By the time you know it, their seems like there is no possible way you can make it to a gym, come up with a workout, spend 45 minutes doing a cardio machine, half an hour doing strength training and then maybe some ab work.  We get it.  Life is BUSY!

It’s seems like it’s impossible to make fitness a priority in your schedule.  Why waste an hour of your already limited time working out when you have so much other things you could be doing?

Here are some reasons you should make it a priority to set aside 4% of your daily time to a workout regiment.

You will have more energy.

Who couldn’t use some extra energy to tackle the daily tasks that life throws at us.  Being energized can allow us to be more productive, work more efficiently, and get more done.  Spending an hour doing physical activity can provide you with lasting energy for the rest of the day.

You will think more clearly.

There is a strong connection between physical exercise and mental clarity.  Especially immediately following a workout, the brain is shown to be primed to take on tasks, come up with new ideas, and is more readily available to learn new information.

Your will be able to handle stress better. 

A lot of people that come to our gym express that they enjoy it because it allows them to take their minds off of the stresses of the day.  They show up, put their phones away, chat with their gym friends, and are able to tune out the background noise of everyday life.  Also, it seems like after you complete a hard workout, you feel like you are more capable of handling other challenges throughout the day with greater ease.

You will be healthier.

This is an obvious one but a very important one.  Regular exercise has been shown to decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increase bone density, lower body fat levels, and promote regular blood sugar levels when combined with a healthy diet.

Bottom line is, taking an hour of your day to focus on fitness can not only be an investment in your health, but can help you handle the other 95% of your day better!

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