“Watch your thoughts, they become your beliefs. Watch your beliefs, they become your words. Watch
your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your
habits, they become your character.”—Vince Lombardi


As human beings, to be successful in anything you must have goals. If you aspire to be anything or better
at anything, there are goals to be made and met. There is not a right or wrong way to set a goal and
achieve, however there is a reason why over 50% of people lose their new year’s resolutions in less than
a months’ time. So, let’s break it and nail it down:

Wishing and Hoping– This is when the great idea or inspiration pops into your head. Maybe you want to
run a marathon, lose 10 pounds, start your own business, whatever it may be. You are so fired up about
this at first. “You are going to do this!” Our brains are wired to feel like you have already achieved this
goal, just by thinking about it. We get this high. But what happens when that high wears off…?

What is driving you? – Sit down and think. How are you going react or feel once you accomplish this?
What is going to make you spring out of bed each morning? Get specific. If you bring your goal to a
professional, maybe a coach of some type, and they lay out a plan to get you to your goal. They say you
must work at “this and that” for 6 days a week for this amount of time. If you instantly say “What? How
is that possible. There is no way” Then you need to reconsider your goal. Tough love, but it is true.

What is going to stop you? – The tough answer would be NOTHING! But we are fragile little humans and
we know there are plenty of rain clouds out there just waiting to rain on our training days. You had to
stay up working on a project until midnight. You are so tired! Tough. That alarm clock is ringing at 4am
and you had better get up with it to make it to training. If you are not willing to sacrifice to achieve what
you want, then you DO NOT want it bad enough.

Execute – Follow through. Plain and simple. DO. WHATEVER. IT. TAKES. The small steps on the way will
have to be adjusted. You will run into road blocks. Hurdle them. Dig under them. Take the long way
around. You can’t teach dedication, this must come within.

If you engrain in your mind that you ARE the type of person that works hard, then that is what you will
become. You are the sum of your habits.


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Emily Cook, CF-L2

Emily Cook, CF-L2

CrossFit Bios Head Coach

Getting the opportunity to coach this sport that I love is really amazing. Being able to help someone perfect their squat or just getting their first pull up. If I am able to help or inspire at least one person a day, then its a very good day.