Starting something new is hard.  We get it.  A lot of us were in your shoes at one point or the other and realize a new program, new people, a new environment can be intimidating and downright scary.  So, we are writing a small list of what to expect when starting your new journey with us at Bios.

Get ready to step out of your comfort zone.  

You probably are going to be doing new movements you may have never done at a traditional gym.   Fear not.  Our coaches are here to walk you step by step from the simplest movements to the more complex.  We always insist that our clients demonstrate consistent proper mechanics before ramping up the intensity.

Be ready to be heard.

We sit down with every new member to find out what they want out of a fitness/nutrition program and prescribe the best way to reach your goals.  We realize everybody is different and has varied needs.  That’s why we offer different programs, have coaches with various strengths and specialties, and offer customized workouts.  We also realize that needs change throughout your time with us and are always trying to find what offering works best for each athlete at any point of their training.

Be part of an amazing community.

We know that most people don’t join a gym with the intention of meeting new people or belonging to a group.  The great side effect of training at Bios is that you are going to be a part of an extraordinary group of like minded people. We have the most caring, generous, fun, and hard working athletes at our gym.  This is very important to us at Bios because we want to make sure that anybody who starts one of our programs feels welcomed from the start.  Also, you are much more likely to stay on track with your program when you have such a supportive group surrounding you.

Get results. Plain and simple.

Our program works.  Their is no doubt about it.  We have helped hundreds and hundreds of people get in the best shape of their lives over the past 5+ years in El Dorado Hills.  YOU MUST PUT IN THE WORK THOUGH.  It’s not a magic pill.  We are not selling some fad product or service.  We will give you the tools and support and help you through the hard times but you are the one who will decide whether you will get the results you want.  SHOW UP, LISTEN TO YOUR COACH, WORK HARD, HAVE FUN, and we will take if from there.

Ready to Step out of your Comfort Zone? Book an Appointment with us to see how we can help.