Eating out can sometimes be a difficulty when you’ve set your mind to a healthy nutritional lifestyle, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up an evening out with your friends and family. Here are some simple tips to keeping your nutrition on track and enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant:


  • Check the menu before you leave the house – Having a set plan before you even arrive at the restaurant is a sure way of preventing last minute decisions that lead to unhealthy choices. Also, if you’re unable to find a healthy balanced option you can choose a more suitable restaurant.
  • Ask for it your way – Don’t be afraid to ask if food can be prepared in an alternative fashion. Ask for grilled option instead of fried, a side salad instead of French fries, or dressing/sauces on the side. Often restaurants are more than willing to cooperate
  • Use the “Plate Method” – your plate should include ¼ lean meat; ¼ starchy veggies; ½ non-starchy veggies (ask for an extra serving of vegetables if needed)
  • Split an entrée or take half to go – Restaurants often serve 2-3 times more than a normal serving size.
  • Ask the waiter to skip the chip/bread basket – if you want something to munch on ask for some raw veggies as an alternative
  • Skip the sugary alcoholic drinks – If you’re looking for an alcoholic treat veer away from fancy mixed drinks like margaritas. Try a vodka and tonic or a glass of wine.

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