Often peoples first exposure to CrossFit is what they see on TV or social media.  Rock hard, chiseled machines performing ridiculously impressive feats of strength, speed, agility, and athleticism.  While these top tiered athletes are definitely something to admire, please be aware that the vast majority of the members in CrossFit affiliates around the world are everyday people just looking to feel better, look better, and live a healthier lifestyle.

CrossFit started as and continues to be first and foremost a fitness program.  The “Sport of CrossFit” (The CrossFit Games) is an extension of the original training model that has evolved over the years to a highly competitive sport for elite athletes.  Walk in to any CrossFit affiliate and you will see parents who are trying to stay in shape so they can play with their kids.  Executives working out to de-stress from the everyday demands of their careers.  Grandparents looking to stay active and trying to avoid the effects of aging.  And yes, you will see the occasional “firebreather” performing some of the gargantuan feats that you see on TV.  This is what is great about what we do.  People of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds working out together side by side.  Helping each other out, all with out an ounce of judgement from each other.

Greg Glassman, the CEO and founder of CrossFit once said that “the needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degreenot kind.  Olympic athletes and our grandparents both need to fulfill their potentials for cardiorespiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, power, coordination, accuracy, balance, and agility. One is looking for functional dominance the other for functional competence”.

If your thinking about starting a fitness program and have been hesitant to give CrossFit a go because you feel like it’s not meant for normal everyday people, I encourage you to find a local affiliate and go check it out.  You may be pleasantly surprised of what you find inside.

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