Peter Santos, CF-L2 - Owner

My early career as a Firefighter/EMT is what led me to find CrossFit. I loved the way my new found “functional” fitness program helped me to perform better as a Firefighter and handle the rigors that the job entails.

I earned my Level 1 CrossFit certificate in the summer of 2008 and started training others. I have always had a passion for helping people and had plenty of opportunity as an EMT to treat the sick and injured. Being a CrossFit coach and owning my own affiliate has given me a new opportunity to not only to help the sick and unhealthy, but to be on the preventative side of the spectrum as well.

Establishing good habits through fitness and nutrition and helping people to reach their potential inside and outside of the gym is our mission here at CrossFit Bios. I look forward to helping you whatever your fitness goal may be.

Natasha Raffety - CF-L1, CrossFit Kids and Teens Head Coach

Natasha Raffety has vast experience in child and teen fitness as a swim instructor, a middle school teacher and coach, and now providing cutting edge sport’s fitness by coaching the first CrossFit Kids program in El Dorado County. Her philosophy marries well with CrossFit; that good nutrition and hard work through fun, physical fitness will set children up for success and progress in sports and in life.

Laura Balla, Bios Nutrition Coach

Laura has been offering Nutrition Services at Bios since 2016.  Her main focus is ensuring our nutrition clients are being held accountable to their nutrition plan.  Each one of our nutrition clients have different needs and goals.  Our Nutrition Accountability program handles each client on an individual basis and creates logical, healthy, and sustainable plans to lead them down the long term path to success.

Jon Spring, LMT, ACE

Jon has been a Certified Massage Therapist for 17 years and has been a Certified Personal Trainer for the last 7.  He leads our “Legends” program at Bios, a specialized program for our 50 years and older population.  He also is available for Personal Training sessions and massage therapy.



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