What made you start at Bios? I had let myself go physically and am dealing with health issues. CrossFit always looked like the type of workout I would like.

How has Bios changed your life? I have not only lost weight and body fat, but my blood pressure has changed enough so I’m taking 1/2 the dose of my BP medicine. I should be off of the BP med’s completely very soon. Also, I’m feeling more awake and aware in the mornings.

What are some of the goals you have?  Some of my goals are to perform exercises I cannot currently do, i.e. T2B. Also, I’d like to complete a WOD without modifying anything.

What is your perfect workout?  My perfect workout is the one that is just as much cardio as strength. Sometimes I feel I may not finish. Once I finish and cool down I feel great.

What would you tell someone who is interested in starting CrossFit?  Don’t listen to all of the people that warn you CrossFit is dangerous. I’ve only worked out at CF Bios, and all of the coaches here will keep challenging you to push yourself, with emphasis on proper technique and safety.

What is your previous fitness background?  My previous fitness background consisted of several sports in High School, lap swimming and weight training while in the Navy and adult rugby in my mid twenties. As a father I would take my sons on casual hikes and bike rides.

What do you like most about Bios?  I like the combination of strength and cardio exercises. Everyday is a little different, keeping it from becoming routine and boring. Also, I really like the emphasis on diet in combination with physical training to be in the best all around shape. What I like about CF Bios is the coaching. All CF gyms appear to have camaraderie, but I feel the coaching may be harder to find elsewhere.

What is something that is interesting that people don’t know about you? I once spent 2 complete months under the surface of the ocean, while serving on a fast attack submarine in the U.S. Navy.

What keeps you coming? The results I see and feel!