1.         What made you start CrossFit?
I was browsing on Facebook last September and saw the ad for a Bios “New You” challenge. I had done a few different programs over the past 20 years which have picked up approaches that worked for me, but I was burned out on them. In addition, my fitness goals had also evolved and it was not so much about how much weight I was lifting but I wanted to be more fit. Although CrossFit has been around for a while it seemed like a new and fresh approach for me to get motivated.

2.         How has CrossFit changed your life?
The feeling of well-being every day. Even if I am sore or stiff from a workout I feel great! It has given me energy, vitality and strength. I feel like I make progress every day to increase my fitness level even at the age of 45. I am amazed at the progress I have made in the last 8 months with CrossFit. For example, I went from not being able to do 1 pull up to completing 100 doing “Murph” on Memorial Day.

3.         What are some of the goals you have?
This is an interesting question because when I started I was hung up on dropping a certain amount of weight and was very focused on numbers. After 8 months my goals have evolved into more simple day to day goals. The first is to just simply get in the gym on the days I am scheduled to be in there. The second is when I am in there, to make the best effort I can. The third is following the nutrition guidelines that Laura helped me with. Oh, and my last goal… beat Paul and Doug at all costs!

4.         What is your perfect workout?
Well… since I was a “bench bro” before (Right Emily…) I would have to say I like a lot of the strength exercises. Bench press, back squats (…growing to love them), Power Cleans. For the WOD I like pull ups, box jumps, running and wall balls.

5.         What would you tell somebody just starting out or thinking about starting out?

I would tell them to not only be patient, but get in the gym every day you are supposed to. It can be very humbling at first, but once I got through the 6 week “New You” class I was addicted!

6.         What is your previous fitness background?
I played sports growing up but mainly football which came along with strength training programs for it. I used what I had learned from there as well as sprinkled in some cardio along the way. In my late 20’s I did “Body for Life” by Bill Phillips and have repeated that a few times successfully over the last 20 years.

7.         What do you like most about CrossFit and what do you like about Bios?
What I like about CrossFit is that I feel I am on the path of achieving the best version of me. What I love about Bios is the people! The coaches are awesome! I typically would work out solo in the past and the big surprise to me was how much I enjoy working out with the group there! Bios is a lots of fun and there is some good friendly competition!

8.         What is something that is something interesting that people don’t know about you?
I play the guitar.

9.         What motivates and/or inspires you?
Demonstrating to my daughters a healthy lifestyle and when I hit a new PR! I also get motivated by some of the friendly competition

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