Having a workout partner, whether it’s one other person or a group of people, can help keep you motivated to hit those fitness and nutrition goals.  Although I’m sure there are people out there who prefer to take the lone wolf route, having someone by your side can take your workouts to the next level.  Here are some benefits to having a workout buddy.


When those tough days set in and it is way to easy to convince yourself that taking the day off from the gym or straying from your nutrition program is a good idea, a workout buddy may be just what you need to give you the push to forge ahead and stay on track.  Having a designated time and place where you know your buddy will be meeting you can keep you from falling victim from slacking off and skipping your workout. 


It’s great when your buddy is right there next to you giving you the encouragement to push your limits on a hard workout.  When the times get tough, your buddy can give you just the right push or say just the right thing to keep you working hard and making sure you finish your workout to the end.  Who knows, you and your buddy may even have a bit of friendly competition going on that gives you some added incentive to keep grinding. 

Bringing the Fun

I know at Bios, having a certain group of people together in the same class can make quite an entertaining hour.  This brings a great sense of enjoyment of showing up to the gym for your daily workout.  Having the right buddy can make even the toughest workout something you can look forward to.    

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