Too busy is a myth. People make time for who and what is important to them.

Is the parent of 3 with a job and a side job “too busy”? Is the person starting a business “too busy”?

I firmly believe that if someone put a one million dollar bounty at the end of a task, most people would make the time to make that happen. So, again, are you too busy?

I understand that people can feel “too busy”; however, I think there are a few important factors at play here.

If someone came into the gym, and was on medication for heart disease and/or other controllable health issues, and obese (see 60%+ of gen. pop); I would not let the “I’m too busy” excuse to fly.

Now, if that person didn’t come to us for help, then I don’t really care. If that person is happy how they are; that’s great! The conversation ends there.

It’s the people that are asking for help, then make an excuse of “being too busy” that frustrates me. We all have at least one family member that needs to get healthy. Yet when the issue is raised, all we hear is “blah, blah, blah, too busy, blah.”

Kids. Their school. Their sports. Your spouse. Your dirty house. Your laundry pile. Your work. Your family. Your friends. This. That. And the other. Busy, busy, busy!

People in the United States feel “busier” (see more stress) than most the rest of the world…which correlates into less healthy, more obesity, more disease, more depression, more suicide, etc.

I get it. I’m a business owner. My wife is a teacher.  And my three boys are prepping to run the world. Really, I get it.

If you think you’re “too busy” for something that you want to be able to do, I hope you find the following beneficial.

Most people are helpful and they put the needs of others before themselves. Most people don’t like to say “No” when someone asks for their time; your most valuable resource.

Similar to when you’re on the plane and they announce, “in case of emergency, put your mask on first before helping others.” Same goes here. Everyone has stress and things to do. But not everyone is “too busy”. Some people have a lot to do because they cannot say “No” and they put everyone else’s needs before their own.

Learning to say “No” is the easiest way to get some control (and time) back in your life. It’s not selfish. I’m telling you it’s selfish not to put your needs first. If you don’t, you’ll likely eventually find that you’re not prepared to help those you want to help the most.

Next thing to get you out of your “too busy” mindset is to make yourself and your health a priority. This one is important because it allows you to live on your own terms. Without your health, you will eventually not be able to do all those things you want.

I hear it often, “but I need to take my daughter to gymnastics for 20 hours each week, and my son has baseball 3 nights each week; I just don’t have any time.” I’ve have 11, 9, and 19mo old boys. I understand. I truly do. But if you’re sitting in front of me begging to get healthy and you say that, you are either going to thank me, or not be thrilled by the next things to come out of my mouth.

If you complain that you’re too busy for something that you say is important to you, yet you just binge watched Season 19 of “The Bachelor” over the weekend? You, my friend, are not “too busy”.

Another great way to objectively measure how you use your time is to take the “Stopwatch Test” (or use the really handy app Toggl). It’s something we use with business owners to track their time spent on various parts of their business, but it can also be useful to someone trying to figure out why they feel like a 24 hour day just isn’t long enough.

It’s easy. Put a stopwatch around your neck. And each time your doing a task, any task, time it and take note of it. Shower, brush teeth, eat meals, watch TV, read, play with kids, sleep, work, take selfies, do silly stuff on Snapchat, Netflix and chill, etc. Time it. Track it. All of it. Do that for 5 days. Then, if you do that and still feel like you’re “too busy” to do something that you feel is important to you, shoot me an email and let’s talk more.

At the end of the day, if you’re happy; that’s great. But if you’re not, and you find yourself “too busy” to make the changes you need….you may want to re-assess a few things.

Good luck!