What made you start at Bios?

I was working out by myself at a gym, doing the machines and cardio, but was getting bored with my routine and wanted to learn new movements. Also I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and needed some motivation, plus its more fun to workout in a group than by yourself. I needed a set schedule with a set class time that I could work out. Before I would skip working out more days than I should have.

How has Bios changed your life?

I’ve become more conscience of what I put in my body food wise. I might be the strongest I ever been. I would never of thought I could lift over 150lbs over my head or even do a proper squat.

What are some of the goals you have? 

Focus more on my nutrition so I can lose weight. Not at the weight I want to be health wise.

Work more on my cardio and breathing, especially with the longer workouts.

What is your perfect workout?

Perfect workout would have to include power cleans, squats, or deadlifts in a short period of time. For a longer workout, I like the EMOMs with rowing, rows, DUs, kettle bell swings.

What is your previous fitness background? 

Gymnastic for 10 years when young, played soccer in high school, in college did various activities, rock climbing, rowing, working out. But around 2014-2015, last years of college didn’t exercise much due to stress and gained a lot of weight and been struggling since to take the weight off and build more muscle.

What do you like most about Bios? 

No one judges you if you can’t do a skill or lift super heavy. You judge yourself to better yourself and reach that goal. I didn’t realize the CrossFit community was so huge and its fun meeting new people and working out beside them and competing to beat each other in a workout.  Bios has a family vibe that I like, everyone is friendly and makes you feel right in, that you belong, and lots of encouragement when accomplishing something new.

What is something that is interesting that people don’t know about you?

I did marching band all through high school and college playing the flute/piccolo.

What motivates and/or inspires you?

At the moment, to get back in shape where I was five years ago, but in even better shape and healthier. And that one day I can run up Training Hill, a steep hiking trail in Auburn.

What are your goals for the Open? 

To complete each workout as best as I can. Most likely will scale all the workouts, but would like to RX at least one workout. And to have fun as much as can while suffering!

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